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Looking for friends...

**if off topic, feel free to delete**

Hi. Yes, I'm looking for some mutual LJ friends (friends who will add me back). I was going to go through some of the "addme" communities, but its too complicated to cipher through all the unwanted prospects to get to you the good stuff. So, I'm posting here, because I'm more likely to find someone with similar interests. With that said, I'm including a cut of my interests

academics, activism, activist, alix olson, androgyny, ani, antara, anti-consumerism, anti-rape, avocadoes, bald girls, bitch and animal, bitch magazine, boxers, cheese, chicks and guitars, civil rights, classism, cocteau twins, coffee houses, community, diversity, doria roberts, drag kings, drag queens, dykes, education, ellis, equal rights, equal rights amendment, equality, ethnic studies, female, feminism, feminist, feminist anthropology, feminist sociology, feminist studies, feminist theory, feminists, foreign films, friends, gay pride, gender, gender and language, gender bending, gender diversity, gender neutral, gender outlaw, gender politics, gender studies, gender theory, glbt rights, glbtq, global feminism, grrl music, gynocentric feminism, hedwig, hip hop, homosexuality, hrc, human rights, humanism, indie folk music, iusb, jane austen, kitties, latin studies, leftism, lesbian, lesbian rights, lgbt issues, lgbt rights, liberal feminism, liberation, melissa ferrick, no drama, no hair, no labels, non-toe socks, open-minds, other rubber parts, people, people watching, politics, pool, popular culture, positivity, postmodernism, pride, pro choice, pro-choice, procrastinating, procrastination, quarters, queer, queer studies, rain, reproductive rights, respect, rights, road trips, rubber balls, sarcasm, second wave feminism, self-actualization, sexuality, smiles, social work, socialism, spiky hair, spoken word, spooning, stickers, subjectivity, sunblock, tegan and sara, thinking, third wave feminism, thrift stores, title ix, toe socks, toni morrison, tough chicks, trans activism, trans issues, trans politics, trans rights, trans studies, transexual, transgender, transgenderism, truth, turtles, water rides, womanist, women of color, womyn, womyn's issues, www.transacademics.org, zatarain's yellow rice, ♀♀

I'm almost 25.
Women's Studies Major (halfway finished... finally).
I love indie folk/rock music and Melissa Ferrick is my hero. :D

AND - I'm so disappointed with this election.

P.S. X-Posted to:

add_a_feminist, bras_suck, ellisfans, folkfans, riot_grrls, she_bears, transfeminism, womens_studies and wrongbathroom
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