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Ellis Needs our help!

I received the following email from Terri yesterday and thought I'd post it in here to get some more "hot" ideas to help our favorite artist!

Hi Tara,

So excited to be working with you on this! This is the first official "assignment" in your position as a AAA Rockstar street team member. I'll be your liaison this month since Ellis is still on the road. When she is at home, she'll be the one contacting you, but meanwhile, you'll have to settle for me! :-)

Here is the scoop. This month's activity involves a little brainstorming, creativity, and research. The music industry has been changing RAPIDLY in recent years and the things an artist did 10-20 years ago to "make it" just aren't working in today's cultural, political and economic climate. Instead of trying the old ways (seeking out a record deal, looking for commercial sponsors, selling song copyrights, etc), we want to instead look outside of the mainstream approaches. This is where we need your help. We want you to take some time over the next few weeks, brainstorming about ways to help get the word out about Ellis' music.

I believe that Ellis and her music are seriously something very special (and I know you do, too!) and that people would benefit from getting to hear her. But the trick is getting her music to them. How do we get more folks to listen, to check out the web site, come to shows, etc?

We want any and all ideas that you have. Some ideas I have include:
1) making a two-song sampler and give them away free or sell them for a tiny amount (e.g. $1) to give people a taste of her music
2) asking folks on the mailing list to send an email to 5 friends, asking them if they're familiar with her music, providing a link to her web site, etc.
3) set up a phone hotline, where people can call and hear a new song or a message from ellis that is updated regularly

Ok.... I don't want to give you any more of my ideas because I don't want to crimp your creativity or limit you in any way, but I wanted to give you some idea of what we thought of so far. However, no idea is too crazy, silly, complex, small, or weird. We want your ideas! All of them! Do not hold back. :-)

Please email us your ideas by October 1st at the latest. Then I'll compile them and send them all out to you again, and we'll pick some of the favorites to actually act on.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support of Ellis. You totally rock!

warm wishes,

ps. On a side note, we are also looking for interns at Rubberneck Records and I have one part-time paid position available, too... if you think you might be interested and have plans to be in the Twin Cities over the next year, please let me know asap!
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